How Does A Chainsaw Work? – Parts And Its Uses

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Most people know that chain saws are used for activities such as tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks, and firewood harvesting in woodland. But it can also be used for carve driftwood or to cut large pieces of wood into a unique piece of furniture. 

If you are planning to buy a chainsaw then you may need to know what a chainsaw is?. How does a chainsaw work? and how to maintain it. So, This article will describe all the above aspects. There are so many best chainsaws of various brands, uses, and style, design, etc.

What Is Chainsaw?

Chainsaw, Chainsaw is a portable saw used to cut wood or cut wooden objects with a set of teeth that are attached to a chain. This chain runs along the guide bar. The set of teeth attached to a chain is made of metal. The speed of a chainsaw depends on certain facts such as what horsepower your chainsaw has and what speed your chainsaw engine is responsible for. Best chainsaws are used for a wide variety of applications such as tree felling, cutting firebreaks and firewood harvesting in woodland, etc. 

Parts Of Chainsaw

There are some minor and major parts that are responsible for smooth operation. Let’s start to know about these parts.


Chainsaw engine

The engine is the most important part. If there is no engine then chainsaw is just a hand-held saw that requires extreme effort to perform the cutting action. There are two chainsaws: The one is Which runs through a gasoline-powered motor with an oil pump and ignition and the other one is an electric chainsaw which must be connected to a stable power source for operation. The engine is where the chainsaw blade cuts through the wood and draws power to drive the chain in a circular rotation. There is also a battery-powered chainsaw that runs with a lithium-ion battery. These chainsaws require repeated charging and do not require power like electric engines and gasoline motors do.


carburetor of chainsaw

This part (carburetor) is used to channel air and fuel through the chainsaw so that the blade and chain are pulled in a circular motion and we are able to cut through wood or material of choice.

Drive Mechanism

Drive Mechanism of chainsaw

The drive mechanism is the place where the clutch is found. A Clutch is a part that protects the engine when it is idle or in kickback condition. If the kickback condition frequently occurs, you should check whether the chain and blade are still sharp to cut through the material. It signals the chainsaw to stop in case of a kickback condition.

Chain Brake

chain brake of chainsaw

The chain brake is a mini brake that is located at the same place where the clutch is. It is used to take the signal from the clutch when the kickback condition occurs and stops the operation of the chain and blade. 

Cutting Chain

cutting chain of chainsaw

A chainsaw consists of a chain that is attached to the blade of the saw. The chain runs in the rotating movement when the chainsaw is connected to the power source. We have to check on a regular basis that the chain is sharp enough if it is not then it can harm such as kickback or any fatal accident. The chain should be replaced after a period of use. There are 2 facts on that basis chain that should be replaced: one is what material chainsaws are cutting and the other one frequency of use.

How Does A Chainsaw Work?

what is chainsaw And How Does a chainsaw Work?

The above-mentioned minor and major parts play an important role in performing the cutting process. The power source of the engine is either a gasoline/oil mixture or an electrical cord that is connected to an electrical outlet. To rotate the chain and guiding bar in a circular movement, air comes through the carburetor to flow through the chainsaw. This circular motion of the chain creates friction to cut through the wood or any other material with ease. 

Chainsaws will start either with the use of a starter button or pull cord. There is a safety shutoff valve that is placed along with the handle for convenience. Always remember to shut off the saw, when you are not performing cutting action and always wear glasses while operating to protect your eyes. Before use, check if all the parts are in the correct position or not. 

Note: While using chainsaw you have to take caution because it is strong enough to cut through human skin, bone, muscle. You can wear special pants and jackets that are both externally and internally lined with thin interwoven wire. These jackets help to prevent fatal accidents. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gotten an idea of what chainsaw is and how does a chainsaw work? Go through the above instructions and it will definitely help you in the cutting process. While buying check that your saw has enough power to cut through wood. When you buy a chainsaw you need to decide what kind of work you have whether you are going to cut huge wood or small objects. According to that, pick the right chainsaw to perform the cutting action. 

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